Zuvaa Pop Up Tour

Mar 11 + 12

Houston, TX

Mar 18 + 19

Dallas, TX

Mar 24 + 26

Fowler Museum at UCLA

Apr 8 + 9

Chicago, IL

April 22 + 23

New York, NY

April 29 + 30

Atlanta, GA

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National Tour

New York, NY

Atlanta, GA

Los Angeles, CA

Charlotte, NC

Philadelphia, PA

Detroit, MI

Dallas, TX

Houston, TX

Chicago, IL

Washington, DC

International Tour

Toronto, ON

London, UK

Will you have plus size items?

Yes, while Zuvaa is a multivendor marketplace of many vendors we strive to offer a wide range of items at our Pop Ups. Sizes at our Pop Ups range from XS(US 2) – XXXL(20)

Are these cash only events?

We accept cash and all major credit cards.

Will mens or children's items be available?

Most likely! Check out the event details for a list of confirmed vendors!