Why Sell with Zuvaa?



Increased Exposure

Expand brand to global market and a growing community of African Fashion Lovers. Our customers hail from everywhere from Brazil to South Africa!



Beautiful Storefront

Use the Zuvaa platform to showcase your pieces…beautifully! And tell your story. Not sure how? Let the Zuvaa team help you with this!



Great Services

Zuvaa is not only a marketing platform, we want to help put you business on the map. Think you have difficulty fulfilling orders? We offer services that help with storage and shipment worldwide.

How it Works


  • All vendors must apply or be invited to join the Zuvaa platform. Click here to apply.

  • Zuvaa looks for high quality African Inspired Looks.

  • All vendors will be asked to send samples to Zuvaa HQ for a quality check

  • Zuvaa works with brands all over the world. Our vendors span from South Africa to Australia to the USA

  • Zuvaa takes 17% commission on all sales

  • Zuvaa charges a $50 per month membership fee

  • Storefronts are completely managed by vendors

  • For vendors who have trouble with fulfillment, Zuvaa offers fulfillment services

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